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Date: May 26th, 2008
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Evolution of Deco-den (personalized mobile phones)


The above image is a copy from a magazine called Deco Venus, introducing gadget decoration trends among young women in Japan. It looks like a dessert recipe filled with fruit, ice cream and whipped cream, but they are all fake and the column is in fact showing how to personalize Nintendo DS.

In terms of styles, they divide into six categories: Simple, colorful, pink (seems like it’s such an important color that it had to be a league of its own), princess, men’s, and volumy (bulky).

Classification of decoden

The book essentially provides you two ways to personalize, either by
DIY following instructions in the magazine, or by simply ordering them. Products range from stationaries to mobile phones, but because of the man power and the number of stones they use, price can go up to 300 Euros, which are not cheap at all.

Source: Deco Venus