March 9th, 2012
Photo of The Day



In some cases, it comes down to a single image to describe the merciless power of nature. The entire wall which easily measures five meters or higher, shows that the water that came right in front has created a huge hole as it tried to find its way out towards the city of Kesennuma. It maybe hard to believe, however, but this is a building used to be Michi No Eki, a Roadside Station providing a resting area and local product shops for tourists. Despite of its damage, this is one of the very few traces of any building indicating this area had been in fact a city. And the link to an image taken before the 3.11 shows how different the building looked before.

Although the surroundings have been cleaned up, there is a buoy way above the ground, stuck on this building.

Because of the snow, the rest of the areas look as if it were a farmland, however, once you start looking carefully, you will see gray geometric patterns, showing that they are once the foundation of homes and the entire flat surface was a large city.

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