January 2nd, 2012


Japan Emergency/Holiday Hospital Situation

The service design around Japanese hospital system (particularly in case of emergency/holiday situ) is horrendous.

Most Japanese hospitals are closed for a coming few days. First I called public number to consult if my daughter’s case requires immediate attention. The lady says yes as ears are sensitive.

Then I was requested to call another public number to find out which hospitals are open today. They told me that these are only a static information and requires me to call to these mentioned hospitals directly to make sure they are open.

Then I called to both hospitals only to be told that where I live differs from their ‘jurisdiction’ – though those two hospitals are much closer, they asked me to go to the hospital in Nakano, which my residence area is covered.

So my daughter and I went – indeed she was developing an ear disease. The doctor prescribed her medicine, however, the nurse reminds me that neighboring pharmacies are all closed and we should look for one that is open on our own.

I went to 5, 6 pharmacies, naturally all closed. Felt that I am out of luck and called one of the two hospitals (the friendlier one), which she was earlier rejected. The doctor was kind enough to understand this odd situation. Because that hospital is large enough to prescribe the medicine in-house. So after four hours of struggle, the only thing accomplished is that my daughter takes a two-hours errand and was diagnosed to confirm the symptom.

Now leaving for another hospital. Nice way to start a year.

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