June 6th, 2011
Photo of The Day


Vending machines, Japanese urban landscape without lights

Vending machines are urban landscapes of Japan, where you will find these machines filled up with drinks are placed at almost every corner of the street. Since the Fukushima Powerplant incident, vending machines have turned its light off.

Then, an obvious consequence. Many people thought that the vending machines are not operational and business is not as usual. This vending machine has a bright orange sign placed emphasizing “on sale.”

And some vending machines have subtle but sure signs of social impact. Ito-en, a beverage company known for producing green tea, announces their shortage of supply. We have also known from the media that the company was prompt in distributing their tea bottles to Tohoku region immediately after the earthquake struck. The sign, though simply states that there is not enough tea to be provided in Tokyo area, also brings us to think of their social actions behind.

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